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We represent the brands and industries you know and trust – Food City, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sun Drop and Pepsi bottlers, Budweiser, local craft breweries, grocery stores, convenience marts, retailers, and many other businesses across Tennessee.


As good corporate citizens, we believe it is of the utmost importance to be strong stewards of our environment and active participants in preventing our containers from becoming roadside waste.

By utilizing a dedicated portion of the tax on soft drinks and beer, we fund TDOT's Litter Grant Program that is home to anti-litter initiatives such as Keep Tennessee Beautiful, Adopt-A-Highway and Nobody Trashes Tennessee.

​While this public-private partnership continues to have a major impact in litter reduction across all 95 counties from Memphis to Mountain City, our state is growing. As Tennessee's population grows, litter is ever increasing which requires broadening our efforts. 


To further combat Tennessee's litter problem, our industries are pledging to PITCH IN at litter removal events organized by our partners at the TDOT Highway Beautification Office and local Keep Tennessee Beautiful affiliates across the state. In addition to our longtime funding commitment, this on-the-ground work will utilize the volunteer spirit within us all and ensure Nobody Trashes Tennessee.

We encourage you to join this great work by locating an event in your area and PITCH IN.


How it works

The tax revenues from TCA § 67-4-402 and TCA § 57-5-201 fund TDOT Highway Beautification Office’s Litter Grant Program. This program supports a variety of programs and activities that help reduce litter throughout Tennessee such as Nobody Trashes Tennessee and Keep Tennessee Beautiful. (Source: 2021 Litter Grant Annual Report)

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